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21st October
Well another boring weekend in for me, Seem to have had a few of them recently. Whats happeneing to me. Well it has gave me time to update a little of this which is something I should do more often. X Factor will be on rather soon, Excted to see who will be sent home. Really liking the competition this year, Talent standards are really high. At the moment my faves would be ELLA, JAHMENE, DISTRICT 3 and MK1. Not really liking Garys Overs this year and cannot for the life of me stand LUCY SPRAGGON. I just dont get why people think she is all that.

This Weekends sees the release of the new James Bond film "SKYFALL", Very excited to see this. Have been catching up on my James Bonds on Sky Movies 007 channel. Big Daniel Craig fan, How fit is he? So really looking forward to this.

Also thought I would add these collages that I have made previously but never uploaded onto here.

After a boring 4 hours of work yesterday, it was time to get ready for Alans Birthday Night out. The best 80s pub in town Reflex, even got our face painted and got our pictures taken for a keyring (see below), Havent had my face painted in years, felt like a kid again. Just a shame Lucy had decided to drive, A drunken night out in an 80s bar cant get much better especially when your drunk. Great decade for music. Anyway today is just a lazy day, suffering from a hangover and nothing better on the TV than a little bit of CSIL Miami, Eric, Ryan, Walter. Perfect hangover cure anyday of the week :)

Well what a weekend, little trip down the road to Newcastle for a night out and a little trip to St James Park/Sports Direct Arena to see Aston Villa away to Newcastle. Wat a game, The sun was shining and Villa got a draw. Such a great atmosphere. Went to the cinema and seen "A FEW BEST MEN" one of the best comedys I have seen in a long time. Olivia Newton John plays a brilliant part. Could hardly contain my laughter. Would really recommend people watch this film. Also getting out on the pub/club scene in Players and then onto Pop World for sum cheesy pop Music. You just cant beat it, and to top it off a nice wee cheeky TGI's for lunch on the sunday before the game. All in all a great weekend.

Im Back, America was amazing, Would so love to go back. Was great meeting all the family I never knew I had and all the sightseeing. Its like a totally different lifestyle over there. Tried to fit as much sightseeing and shopping (of course) as we could in 2 weeks. But 2 weeks just isnt enough. Managed to get to a Yankees game, So now a Yankees Fan, Was great to just be sitting in the sun with a nice chilled beer and watch the old ball game. Anyway I could go on and on about my holiday but i think I have bored my friends enough with it.

Well after a long time of not being bothered with this site. My Inspiration has returned and I thought I better update this :D

Well in 3 weeks I will be in The Big Apple (New York). So excited. Staying with family that I have never met before so will be exciting. We have a family re-uniion as well which is the main reason we are going, so will be interesting to see our family tree. Also I have never been abroad so the flight may be a little scary but hopefully it will all be ok. We have been planning on the sites we wish to see like The Empire State Building, The Rockafeller Centre, Statue of Liberty etc. Madison Square Gardens and Ground Zero are the 2 big ones I would love to see. We have booked a hotel in Times Square (Crowne Plaza) to stay in New York for a couple of Nights to see what the like the Night Life is in NY. Can you tell im excited :).

Anyway as far as updates go, I have uploaded alot of new content and the gallery is now online with all the pictures from all of the nights outs, outings, concerts etc as far back as 2008 till present.

Anyways think its time for me to go, I should really be working so off I go. I will try and keep updating this as I go.

Take Care